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My Fancy Flamingo opened its doors in September of 2019 with a simple mission in mind: to provide high-quality, trendy jewelry at affordable prices. And at the root of it is the Flamingo, a spirit animal that is beautiful in its stature and grace. Flamingos indicate fun and expressiveness, vivaciousness and vibrancy… precisely what inspires all of our creations. 

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Image by Joeyy Lee


Our jewelry is crafted to be unique trendy and whimsical. We believe you can express any side of yourself with any of our pieces:  from sleek to chic, from funky to trendy —whether it is with a beaded bracelet or with a delicate earring or a bold charm necklace. However you feel like on any given day, My Fancy Flamingo is there for you to express yourself and make you feel unique.

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